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Bach in Baltimore’s mission is to perform the choral and instrumental works of Johann Sebastian Bach (and his contemporaries) and to educate the concert-going public about the musical language of Bach and the texts he chose to set to music.

We strive each month to present these works in a historically informed way that will enrich the lives of our audience members and inspire creativity. We wish to foster an appreciation for the arts, particularly for Baroque music, within the entire community. We are committed to providing educational experiences for people of all ages in order to instill a lifelong connection Bach’s music.




Welcome to a new year—the 30th Anniversary Year—of Bach in Baltimore! This season will contain a wonderful mix of works by J. S. Bach in addition to the “guest features” of other well-loved music. Come with eager ears and minds to enjoy and immerse yourself in some of Western music’s finest compositions.

I have been associated with Bach in Baltimore for well over a decade as a musician in the orchestra, as a member of the board, and as a donor. This has given me a unique vantage point into the excellence of the entire organization. I have been impressed with the professionalism of the instrumentalists at each rehearsal and concert. These colleagues of mine are highly trained and capable musicians. The choir members are not only dedicated vocalists but welcoming individuals as well. I have enjoyed many meals with these fascinating folks. You must get to know them! The staff for Bach in Baltimore has increased over the years to meet the growing demands for fundraising, tax preparation, and publicity. I can assure you that your contributions are put to good use and that the organization continues to meet high standards for management of funds. Most of all, it has been my pleasure to work with Maestro Herb Dimmock as both a conductor and board member. Bach in Baltimore is so fortunate to have his leadership!

A concert with Maestro Dimmock is more than just a musical performance. It is a chance to understand further the music of Bach, which Bach saw as an expression of his faith in God. J. S. Bach’s music portrays angels, shepherds, storms, love, mercy, and many other things in vivid colors that illustrate
the chosen text. The number of his musical works gives evidence to the inexhaustible supply of his innovations. Each Sunday with Bach in Baltimore will bring you closer to understanding the genius of J. S. Bach.

Bach in Baltimore cannot continue without you. Your partnership through ticket purchases and donations is important to our continued existence. Please also consider additional gifts or maybe a memorial gift in memory of a friend or loved one. All gifts are tax deductible. We also invite you to visit our BachShop stand to purchase recordings, Bach-themed gifts, and other items after the concert. We are so grateful that you have shared this moment with us, and we hope that you will invite new friends to join us in celebrating this special anniversary season as well.

Keep listening!
Dr. Terry B. Ewell
President, Board of Directors



Herbert Dimmock is considered one of the foremost Baroque experts in the country, and his conducting credits include nearly all the oratorios and anthems of Handel, all the major Bach works, and 160 Bach Cantatas. He has conducted the music of Bach in the U.S., Germany, Canada, and England, working with many of the world’s most accomplished singers and instrumentalists. Maestro Dimmock is also an accomplished organist, having played recitals at many of the world’s most prestigious sites. In addition to his work as founder and music director of the Bach Concert Series, Dimmock has served as music director of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for the past five years. He is also the choir director at Chizuk Amuno Synagogue. Past church posts include The Cathedral of the Incarnation (Episcopal) and First English Lutheran Church—both in Baltimore—and The Handel Choir of Baltimore where he was music director for 25 years and is now honored with the title of Music Director Emeritus.

Maestro Dimmock has a B.A. from Davidson College, a M.M. from Peabody Conservatory, and extensive continuing education credits at universities in the U.S. and Germany. He has served as part-time faculty at Johns Hopkins University and the College of Notre Dame. Honors include commendations from the State of Maryland, a Baltimore’s Best” award, and serving on task forces in the arts for the Governor of Maryland and the Pew Trust in Philadelphia.

Dimmock states that “Even as a child, I felt a calling to be a musician. I began singing in the choir at church and studying piano at age six. By the time I was in high school, I was subbing for our church organist in worship services and accompanying choirs in both school and church. For me, the hymn writer got it exactly right when he said, “How oft in making music have we found a new dimension in the world of sound, as music brings us to a more profound ‘alleluia.’ In a nutshell, that sums up how I feel. I have been blessed with many superb opportunities to study music, perform music, and work with others in the making of music. Those opportunities deepen my understanding of humanity, our understanding of God, build bridges between people, and bring me closer to those around me.”



The Bach Concert Series has built one of the largest programs in Maryland designed to involve students in music education and to afford students the opportunity to participate in concerts and to further their knowledge of their great cultural heritage in music.

The goal of the Bach Choir in setting up the Student Voice Exchange was to afford area singers a high-quality educational experience and an opportunity to sing for a large, appreciative audience.

As we all know, nearly universally, art’s organization’s music educational outreach programs afford students a chance to perform.  Or, offer a workshop/educational program. Seldom, if ever do professional arts organizations offer both.

Bach in Baltimore routinely does both.

That is not surprising for Bach in Baltimore, as the entire organization runs on idealism  All of our concerts feature full, professional orchestras and soloists – yet at least half of our concerts each season are given free, as a gift to the public.

From an educator’s point of view, Bach in Baltimore concerts afford a rare opportunity for students to gain a deep insight into Bach’s fascinating and well-developed musical language (concerts begin with an illustrated demonstration/lecture of the musical language of the piece to be performed).  Maestro Dimmock visits with the students in advance to prepare them for the upcoming experience and interaction with the Bach Choir and concert.

Guest choirs are invited to join with the Bach Choir in the performance of the cantata being sung.  (Choirs may sing the opening chorus, the closing chorale, or both).

Each concert closes with the guest student choir being given 15 minutes to perform their own music for the audience.

In our 2017-18 Season, we will feature the follow Student Choirs as part of the Student Voice Exchange:


Over 80 vocalists and musicians call Bach in Baltimore their artistic home!

Under the direction of Maestro T. Herbert Dimmock, our own Bach in Baltimore Choir now harmonizes more than 50 heavenly voices and our Bach in Baltimore Orchestra is 30 members strong. In addition, Bach in Baltimore features world-class vocalists and musicians at nearly every concert.

But we always have room for more.

The Bach In Baltimore Concert Choir warmly welcomes experienced singers in all sections to join us. Rehearsals are on Sunday evenings at 5 pm, September through May. In addition, there is one Tuesday evening rehearsal each month at 7:30 pm.

For more information or to schedule an audition, contact Maestro Dimmock at: bachconcertseries@bachinbaltimore.org.